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THE WEEK Jan 16: We send glitter

Updated: 2015-01-16
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Justin Bieber is in headlines again. He's in the news this time over some Calvin Klein underwear ads that appeared in earlier this month. What's controversial is that online news site breatheheavy.com supposedly found original images the Biebs where he is less endowed, less hairy, and less muscular.

Now the Biebs who has the tiniest ego ever is going on a suing spree, threatening to sue websites that carry the "fake image".

Crouching pooper
A drunk man in Zhejiang, China was hit by a car when he decided to take a squat in the middle of road. According to police, this isn't the first time the man's done something similar. The police claim he isn't deranged, just a very heavy drinker.

Despite several bone fractures, the man is alive. We here at The Week urge everyone to take their drinking in stride and be safe when they do it.

We send glitter
There's an old Klingon saying that says, "Revenge is a dish best served cold," However when dealing with revenge, one Australian company seems to have a better idea.

Australian web start-up, shipyourenemiesglitter.com has a genius idea to deal with your haters and enemies, ship them glitter! $9.99AUD for anywhere in the world. Of course, you'd better hope your enemy isn't super into DIY Brony costumes.

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