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Red Panda: Farewell my friend

Updated: 2014-10-14
By James Wang (chinadaily.com.cn)

A red panda brought food to his companion who died during the magnitude-6.6 earthquake in Jinggu county, Yunnan province. Five red pandas were lost at the Taiyanghe National Park in Puer, Yunnan province after the earthquake hit the area on the night of Oct 7.

The workers were able to find four of the five lost pandas two days later, yet still cannot find the other one, Yuan Yuan. As they fed the four pandas on the morning of Oct 10, one panda, Xiaohuangmei, scrambles for food with another panda, and later ran away with some pear slices.

"It was unusual because she never fought other pandas over food, and she was usually not interested in pear slices,” said Zhang Fengzhi, a worker at the park. The workers followed the panda into the woods two kilometers away, and found the lost panda Yuan Yuan, who was stuck between the tree trunks and already dead. Xiaohuangmei was still trying to bring food to the mouth of Yuan Yuan, patting her with her claw and gave out a sad sound.When the workers at the park were trying to remove the body of Yuan Yuan, Xiaohuangmei even tried to stop the workers, biting the woven bag with Yuan Yuan’s body and would not let go.

The red panda kept biting the woven bag until she bit a hole out of it. Miu Zhixuan, head of the animal hospital at the park, said there has been no written record of red pandas showing behaviors of guarding companions. “Her behaviors are apparently behaviors of guarding companions, such as bring food to the panda and tried to stop the workers from collecting her body,”he said.

Videographer: Shi Jiaxin

Story: Xu Wei


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