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THE WEEK Sept 19: A week of noes

Updated: 2014-09-19
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Greetings and welcome to another installment of China Daily's The Week. This episode Eric is back from his trip to sunny California. Unfortunately things have not been going well for The Week's crew. Eric was unable to bring home an Apple Watch and our director Jack Sun is now injured. Jack hurt his foot and is now hobbling around the studio. House keeping aside, this week we delve into the seedy under belly of celebrity in China, a crazy man trying to storm the White House, and Scottish Independence.

Can't get enough
Earlier this week, famed Chinese director Wang Quanan was detained by police for hiring prostitutes! Wang, best known for his 2010 movie, Apart Together, supposedly hired prostitutes to sleep with him in a Beijing apartment. He was doing this while his famously beautiful wife, actress "Kitty" Zhang Yuqi was away at New York for New York Fashion Week!

Gotta catch'em all
Late last week on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York City, a man wearing Pokemon paraphernalia stormed the White House lawn in Washington DC. The man was wearing a hat from the hit video game franchise Pokemon and carrying a stuffed doll of the game's mascot Pikachu. No clue as to why he tried to storm the White House, he was taken down immediately by the Secret Service.

Alba gu bra!
It's been in the news for a while now but Scotland voted on a referendum to either stay or leave the United Kingdom yesterday. The outcome of the vote is that Scotland will remain with the United Kingdom. Dancing and partying for the No campaign is sure to ensue, but our focus is on the wackiness that occurred during the lead up to the vote!

Who eats faster, hamster or Kobe?
Normally we don't explain our viral video but this week, it's just too good to forgo. This week, we bring to famous hotdog eating champion Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi competed against a hamster on who can eat the most hotdogs in a minute. Of course the Hamster ate hamster appropriate "hotdogs". The end result is definitely worth watching.

Director: Sun Tianyuan Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
Videographer: Wang Yuxi Managing Producer: Andrew Xing
Producer: Eric Jou Executive Producer: Flora Yue
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