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Fu Shaojie: In deep love with movies

Updated: 2014-09-03
By Cong Fangjun (chinadaily.com.cn)

Fu Shaojie was admitted to Beijing Film Academy in 2001. She starred in many films and her performance in “Loving Like Shakespeare” earned her the title of the Most Popular Actress in 2009 at the 3th Global Award of New Media Creative Tube.

In 2013, Fu also won The Best Newcomer at The 8th Paris-Chinese Film Festival by playing the leading role in “The First Light”.

Chinese Artists:

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Their names may already be known throughout the world, or they may lead normal lives among us, but every one of them has remained true to their original intention in the arts and has held on to their artistic creations. Thanks to these people who have dedicated their lives to the arts, the Chinese nation is able to improve its artistic accomplishments, and fully enhance its cultural soft power.

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