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THE WEEK July 18: Don't mess with us

Updated: 2014-07-18
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Chinamen? What of the women?
Earlier this week, Fox News talking head Bob Beckel appeared on national cable television in the US and let loose a racial insult. The slur in question was the term Chinamen. One of the five hosts of the Fox News round table talk show, The Five, Beckel has had a few instances in the past where he's been caught off guard where he's made insults against the Chinese people as well as various people of other ethnicities. Beckel has been called to resign and step down.

Don't mess with the sweeper
On Tuesday, a man attempted to rob an Agricultural Bank of China in Shanghai. The man showed up to the bank with a meat cleaver in hand. Using the cleaver he grabbed a hostage but was foiled by the banks cleaning lady! The cleaning lady smashed him on the head with her mop and the hostage was able to get away. She and the security guards proceeded to hurl chairs at the thief until police arrived. The man was detained.

Better not be Dragon Ball Evolution
AMC, the American cable television network that brought us the hit shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men is at it again. This time the company has ordered a new series called Badlands loosely based on the Journey to the West. That's right, a US TV network is looking to create a series based on a Chinese story. Here's hoping that AMC doesn't turn it into Dragon Ball Evolution. There's no amount of brainwashing or medication that can make one forget about the travesty that was DBE. Good thing AMC's enlisted Daniel Wu in this endevor.

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