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Whompoa spirit still shines

Updated: 2014-06-10
By Wang Yuxi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Right since its founding in 1924, Whampoa Military Academy had been a beacon for Chinese revolutionaries determined to restore strength and unity to a war-torn country which had just ceased to be a feudal empire. And when Japan officially invaded China in 1937, during World War II, the academy became the ultimate calling for many young and hot-blooded Chinese, including those who spoke the language but had never before seen their motherland.

While the 90th anniversary of the pioneering military academy is celebrated in China this year, China Daily reporters talk to Fu Guoqian, one of the Whampoa alumni, recalling the history.

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Story: Zhao Xu
Video: Wang Yuxi & Cong Ruiting
Voiceover: Xing Xudong
Producer: Flora Yue

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