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THE WEEK April 25: Unbellieber-able

Updated: 2014-04-25
By Lin Hanqing (chinadaily.com.cn)


Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber is in the headlines again after creating a stir in Japan. Bieber took a series of photos of himself standing in Japan’s Yasukuni shrine paying his respects to the enshrined. While a seemingly innocuous visit, the shrine in particular that the Biebs visited was THE Yasukuni shrine, the shrine that houses 14 class A war criminals from WWII. Biebs has tried to fix the damage by claiming ignorance and saying that he lovves china and Japan. Sadily the damage is done, Biebs has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.

There is too much porn

Harbin police official Liu Chunqi has an interesting job. His sole job is to watch hours upon hours of video material to catalog it into either porn or not porn. Throughout the 5 years that he’s been doing this work, he’s watched over 600,000 minutes of porn. That’s over 400 days worth of smut. He’s watched so much of it that he’s gotten himself sick.

Cirque Du Kissing?

Chinese youth have discovered a new way to smooch their loved ones. Trending online in China right now are videos of couples making out in a very acrobatic fashion! The best way to think of it is that young people are picking up or throwing their partners in to the air and then catching them. The moves may look very simple but seem to be pretty hard to actually nail down as evidenced by all the various videos where people fail. Due to the nature of the videos, China Daily strongly suggests that NO ONE try to do this at home.

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