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THE WEEK April 18: Days of future past

Updated: 2014-04-18
By Lin Hanqing (chinadaily.com.cn)

Lost in Translation

Burger King China has come out with a new Spring drink called the Poo Poo Smoothie. In what might be a poor choice in naming mechanics, the new smoothie is pretty refreshing. Basically an iced mango smoothie with pulp pearls on the bottom and toped with vanilla soft serve ice cream, the delicious beverage suffers from its odd name, a name that relates to something unpleasant.

Keyboard Warrior

Professional Gamer Zhang Jia-hang of Taoyuan Taiwan,was recently charged by Taichung police for bad online behavior. Zhang who is better known for his online League of Legends handle Gragas God has a reputation online for being rude and outspoken. On an online forum, Zhang had gotten into an argument with the moderator leading him to be banned and reported to the authorities. After the authorities had contacted him, he went online to call the police “mentally handicapped”.

Remember the Alamo

A man in Texas was sentenced to 18 month in Texas State Prison and fined $4000 for peeing on the state landmark, the Alamo. 23-year-old Daniel Athens was apparently drunk when he publically urinated on the 270 year-old Alamo Mission that is more commonly known as the Alamo. The authorities claim that his urinating on the building could cause to permanent damage as the building is made out of limestone and limestone absorbs salt.

Buzz Word

Posh - elegant or stylishly luxurious.

Burger King’s spends a lot of money on the interior design of it’s restaurants in China, giving their locations a more posh look compared to McDonalds and KFC in China.

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