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Cyclists celebrate Earth Hour

Updated: 2014-03-31
By Sun Tianyuan (chinadaily.com.cn)

As people around the world switched off the lights in honor of this year’s Earth Hour, Beijing’s bicycle enthusiasts had their own bright idea.

At 8:30am on March 29, seven teams consisting of more than 200 cyclists started off from different points in the city with the goal of reaching the same destination: Beijing Happy Valley.
By roughly 11:00am, all teams had arrived to participate in the opening ceremony of the first annual “Bike under the Blue Sky” event.

Most of the green-minded cyclists came from Beijing’s top universities, including Tsinghua University and Beijing University. At least 70 participants signed up for the activity online via Tencent Weibo.
As the Happy Valley organizers put it, the cyclists succeeded in the event’s mission which was “creating your own blue sky”.
“Bike under the Blue Sky” encourages people to live a green and healthy lifestyle by doing simple things, such as riding a bike as the participants did.

As a prize, Happy Valley offered free admission to the park for those who arrived by bike.


Reporter: Zhang Xiao

Video: Sun Tianyuan

Producer: Flora Yue


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