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THE WEEK: Flabbergasted, fried and flappy!

Updated: 2014-02-21
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Flappy to the max
Currently one of the most talked about gaming trends, Flappy Bird, made headlines last week when the game was unceremoniously pulled from the Google and Apple App stores. The game is a simple one touch mechanic where the player must keep a "Flapping" bird afloat through simple obstacles. It gained such a following that at one company in Wuhan, Hubei province in China has added the game to their hiring requirements. In their ad, the tech company wrote that they prospective applicants must be able to clear at least 20 levels in the game.

Korean Fried Chicken
One of the hottest and most talked about South Korean dramas in China right now is called My Love From The Stars or He Who Comes From The Stars. The show is about a man who is an alien who falls in love with a human, pretty simple fair. However, the show is gaining traction because the male lead is deemed a “male god”. On top of the male lead attracting viewers, Chinese viewers have been fascinated with the show and it's depiction of eating fried chicken, drinking beer and watching the snow fall. This has been particularly popular in China, so much so that a young couple have emulated the scene. Sadly the couple ended up in the hospital from over consumption of said chicken and beer.

Flabbergasted skater, Internet sensation
Two years ago during the Summer Olympics, United States Gymnast McKayla Maroney created a stir with the face that she put on after receiving her score. She was unimpressed. Since then she has been the focus of many an online meme. This year, at the Sochi Winter Games, US Figure Skater Ashley Wagner has launched a new series of memes based off her expression after receiving her score from the judges. Her flabbergasted look has now been spread across the internet.

Director: Sun Tianyuan Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
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