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Ex-pats get the Spring Fest on

Updated: 2014-01-29
By Huan CAO (chinadaily.com.cn)

Two long-time expatriates discuss the experience of spending the Spring Festival with the families of their Chinese wives.

With the annual Spring Festival on its way, China Daily discussed the holiday with two foreigners who married Chinese women and settled down in China.

David Moser is an American who has been in China for 25 years. He currently teaches at Capital Normal University.

Pierre Bourdaud is from France. He is an actor who has been in China for nine years.

These long-time expatriates always spend the Spring Festival with their wives' families.

So, what's that experience like for a foreigner? How much do they know about all the festival traditions? And, what do they like and dislike about this very Chinese-style holiday?

Let's find out in the video.


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