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BJ-HZ Grand Canal

Episode 7: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province

Updated: 2013-10-30
By (chinadaily.com.cn)

AsChina’s only south-to-north river, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has become a legend of both glory and scars inChina’s history. Discovering the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is an 18-episode documentary about a historical and cultural journey. The crew spent one and a half years to explore the 18 cities along theGrand Canaland the whole journey was 1,794-kilometer long. Each episode focusing on one city, the documentary makes a panoramic and deep interpretation about culture, history, scenic spots and customs of these cities.

Zhenjiang has a record history of more than three thousand years. It is a major birthplace of the Wu Culture in the history of Chinese culture.

BJ-HZ Grand Canal

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