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American folk feels Chinese vibes

Updated: 2013-07-17
By Matteo (chinadaily.com.cn)

After learning to play the Chinese zither while on a mission in China, Eric Chipman strung together Matteo, a classical American folk band that plays with traditional Chinese instruments.

Traditional Chinese music has grooved its way into American folk sounds through a band called Matteo. Eric Chipman began playing the Chinese plucked zither while on a mission to Taipei in 2005. When he returned, he strung together a group of American 20-somethings who recorded and released their first EP, Sichuan Project.

"The East is truly unique from the West in so many ways," said Jordan Riley, a member of the group who is a classical guitar player and teacher. "By using the sounds and appearance of the instruments, we hope our audience is able to feel for a moment something like what a foreigner visiting China might feel on their first or even fiftieth time there."

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