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Wenchuan 5 years

Porkin' around the museum

Updated: 2013-05-17
By Huan Cao (chinadaily.com.cn)

When you visit the Jianchuan Museum in Sichuan province, your attention may not be immediately captured by the massive pig in the front yard – until you hear its story.
The Wenchuan earthquake that struck the region May 12, 2008, left the pig trapped and fighting for its life under the rubble of a destroyed building.
Over 36 days without the ability to escape the destruction, the pig drank rain water and ate charcoal to stay alive.
Wang Fuqing has been looking after the pig since before the earthquake, and with the pig at its new home outside the museum, the two greet visitors together each day.
Video: Huan CAO
Producer: Flora Yue

Wenchuan 5 years

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