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Wenchuan 5 years

Post-quake restoration revives Dujiangyan

Updated: 2013-05-14
By Huan Cao (chinadaily.com.cn)

Dujiangyan is renowned for its 2,300-year-old irrigation system.The irrigation system is about 50 kilometers from the epicenter of the 2008 Wechuan earthquake, but the system suffered only minor damage.
Erwang Temple, also known as the Temple of Two Kings, is a landmark building in Dujiangyan.
The temple was badly damaged in the quake. Its restoration is a key project under China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage. After three years of reconstruction work, most of the historic buildings and relics have been repaired to their original appearance.
The temple was re-opened to tourists on April 21, 2011.
Yijiequ district in the northeastern part of downtown Dujiangyan was destroyed by the quake, redesigned by Tongji University and rebuilt by the Shanghai government. The name Yijiequ is named after a community in Shanghai.
Occupying an area of 350,000 square meters, the community includes Dujiangyan's cultural center, schools, hospitals, library and shopping malls.
The restoration project was completed in August 2010. That's when quake victims moved into their new houses in the community.
Five years after the devastating earthquake, Dujiangyan people have come out from the shadow of the tragedy and are enjoying their new lives.

Wenchuan 5 years

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